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We have solutions for your needs. Everything from bookkeeping, to time management, payroll, employee expenses, travel, online retail, CRM, and more.


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Financial Solutions


You need timely financial information to make decisions about your small business, an accounting system directed by a professional, assists you in maximizing your business’ profits.


Our management consulting services, Seeing Beyond The Numbers™, focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities including: labor efficiency ratios & management, scheduled financial statements, strategy, marketing, social media, organization, operations, information technology, and more.

Tax Returns & Planning

Including multi-state for Individuals, Partnerships (LLCs), S Corporations, & Corporations and tax planning.

Crytpcurrency Accounting

We specialize in accounting for cryptocurrency investments and payments. If you have any questions about cryptocurrency, we have your answers. If you invest in cryptocurrencies and/or accept cryptocurrency payments, we are the accountants you need.
Maria SpethMaria Crimi SpethAttorney
One of the best decisions I have ever made was to hire Elmer to do my personal bookkeeping and the bookkeeping for our small business.  He is extremely reliable and very proficient with Quicken.  I highly recommend Elmer.
Elmer is a great hand-holder when it comes to bookkeeping. He is grounded and reasonable, two great qualities when discussing finances. He freed us up to focus on our businesses with the peace of mind that the financial piece was covered. If you’re contemplating outsourcing your books, he’s an affordable, trusted, and discreet option. He’s a great resource to have in your corner AND he’s willing to be completely transparent by being featured in The CLEAR Business Directory.
Dr. Kevin Ross EmeryDr. Kevin Ross EmeryEntrepreneur, Spiritual Catalyst
Elmer has worked with every aspect of my financial life. He has overseen my business and personal finances and has recently taken on my newly formed non-profit. My trust for Elmer’s expertise and integrity allowed me to spend four months in Europe with him being the touch point for my business.
Elmer is by far one of our secret weapons. Hiring him for our business was one of the best decisions we have every made. His integrity is the highest there is and he has been fully vetted by our Corporate Counterintelligence Firm. You will not find a better person than Elmer in the industry as he understands things from a business perspective and always works with your best interest in mind.
Rachel LutowskyCEO
Honest, reliable, and knows his stuff. Elmer and his team have been instrumental in helping me manage the books for my business. With his advisory approach to managing my bookkeeping needs, he has helped educate me on the importance of certain processes. He is honest and reliable and hiring Elmer has been the best decision for my business.