Prosperity Financial Accounting

Adheres to forward thinking, technology-based solutions with tried and tested processes that produce reliable financial information. We help you achieve growth and sustainability by capitalizing on your strengths and reducing waste.

Accounting Software

We deliver our expertise in setting up and processing your data in accounting software. Our experts move swiftly and save you a lot of time and needless worry.

Cash Flow Management

We’re here to help make things more efficient and fluid for you when it comes to cash flow.

Organized Accounting

We take your financial data and transform it into neat financial reports that can help you in decision-making.

Business Valuation

We understand your position and help you with the valuation you get for your business.

Tax Returns

Including multi-state for Individuals, Partnerships (LLCs), S Corporations, & Corporations.

Business Resources

We have solutions for your needs.  Everything from time management, to payroll, employee expenses, travel, online retail, CRM, and more.

Financial Fitness / Seeing Beyond The Numbers™

We go beyond the numbers to help you understand your business, your finances, and making sure they are all financially fit.

Bitcoin Accounting

We specialize in accounting for Bitcoin investments and payments. If you have any questions about Cryptocurrency, we have your answers. If you invest in Bitcoin and/or accept Bitcoin payments, we are the accountants you need.
Online Bookkeeper

Accounting, Online Bookkeeper, & Business Management Specialists

In addition to financial services including online bookkeeping, tax return preparation, tax payments, payroll, HR services, Dollars & Sense also offers Business Management Consulting to assist owners with Seeing Beyond The Numbers™.

We believe in leading the way in business solutions.

We love to craft new business relationships by helping you
establish and reinforce your presence in the market.

Regardless of the size of your business, we present solutions that set you on the right path to growth and sustainability.